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1. Workshops (like and share my page at facebook/dreamwithinsight.com.au)

"I loved Elizabeth’s Dream Interpretation Workshop. Extremely insightful and completely addictive. Seeing clues on a daily basis and instead of waking up going “Wow that dream was weird”, I now have firm reference points to draw on in my everyday life. This course is a game changer."  November 2, 2015 · Shannon Weir

5 stars - "Thank you Elizabeth for sharing your wealth of knowledge this weekend. It was a fantastic course which provided me with a lot of insight. I feel far more intuitive after this weekend, and feel that this weekend has put a lot in perspective for myself, and no doubt the rest of the beautiful ladies who attended.Thanks again. XOXO" August 23, 2015 · Angela Pavlovic

"Hi Liz, i just want to thankyou for the awesome and two day workshop you held at Holistic Healing Haven will keep on interpretating my dreams and helping others do so:)) THANKS AGAIN AND WOULD RECOMMEND others to do so...loved every minute of it..keep up the fantastic work and inspirational stories:)) Lilly Casa Bayeh xx

Narelle Neagle “Thank you for the dream interpretations they were spot on with my current situation. It gave me the reassurance that I had made the right decisions.”

2. Dream Interpretation

Sheila Holcombe

“I met Liz in 1998 and at that time had no idea that my dreams could provide me with valuable insights to current, future and past happenings in my life.

Liz ran a class for a few women in 1999 and taught us about dream symbols and how to understand that each dream has a beginning, middle and an end and that each part is very important to decode. I was very cynical at first but over the last eight years I have used dream interpretation as taught to me by Liz to aid my decisions, to understand issues that have arose in my personal life and to provide guidance to me when I have travelled alone around the world.

I would not have taken some of the brave steps that I have in travelling to interesting but challenging countries if I did not have the support of my dreams to guide me. I am so grateful to Liz for the invaluable skill that she has passed on to me. That is not to say that occasionally I don't need to ring her, from where I am, to say “what do you think about this dream I had the other night?” and she is always on the other end of the phone interested in assisting me to understand what I have dreamed.

I can guarantee that whoever dips into this website or makes contact with Liz will be more than happy with the results. In fact I am sure that most visitors will want to learn more about how they can decode the secrets of their dreams."

Chris Woodgate

“For over ten years I have relied on Liz to assist me with interpreting my dreams as a means of gaining a greater insight into myself and for day -to-day assistance in the business of living.  My own dreams now guide me in decision-making, in interpreting the “truth” of situations and of people’s intentions, warn me of difficulties that I might face and of rewards to come and most importantly in my quest for peace and harmony and spiritual growth. In the beginning, the accuracy of one’s dreams can be almost frightening, however with practice and trust you will come to rely on your dreams as your own life coach. Liz has given me this wonderful gift and continues to assist me on the journey of life and I am sure that she can assist you also."

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